5 Reasons why you should prefer a ” Dumb phone ” over Smart phone


When the whole world is going gaga over launch of I phone 6 , I see many flaunt their old Nokia phone with great pride , as if it is the next in thing. Today even a college going student can give you 100 reasons why they use a smart phone . I want to share five strong reasons how a dumb phone can make your life easier .

Today we are living in world of fast connectivity , we so much dislike to be late .We want the information of whole world to be on our finger tips .We are connected all the time , in the office , in the car , at the airport , in the market . We are easily accessible , and do you thing it makes our life better ? We are expected to read every mail and reply as soon as possible . Aren’t we tired of this . Let me give you my top reasons why I love that dumb phone age .

1. Amazing battery life

Gone are the days when our phone’s needed charging one in two days or once a day to the most . Today our biggest fear is our phone may be dead anytime . We have multiple chargers for one phone , one each at office and home . It would be a great relief if we turned back to our old phones .

2. It allows us to be at peace 

Dumb phone means we don’t need to jump at every beep . It means we can check our mails twice or thrice a day , not every 5 minutes . A dumb phone means we are not expected to reply every mails . If you carry a normal phone , you are spared the stress of giving feedback on every small thing .

3. It is elite 

Somebody carrying a dumb phone gives an impression that he is not reachable all the time . And we know he is somebody special and we cant get access of him all the time . It means serious business .

4. It means business .

If you have a Nokia primitive phone , you mean to say that time is precious and you don’t waste it on watsapp , facebook or other stuff online , but you prefer some serious business . You know time is valuable and its just not wise to waste it on something futile .

5. You can look at the world around and enjoy the beauty of life , instead of stuck up in the phone 

Life is beautiful and so is the world . Today we see people sitting with each other and busy on phone , moving around and eyes glued to screen . Lets connect with people , lets have some life , some fun . Lets hang out and have some chit chat with friends face to face .

I can breath some air writing this mail , it gives me so much of relief writing this . Life would be really easier if we switch to phones without camera , internet , and wifi .